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Welcome to Kiddie University! This program is designed to provide opportunities for each child to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and positive relationships. Our mission is to provide all the children in our care, with a clean, safe comfortable, loving environment where they can play and learn. Our approach to teaching can be described as a fun, hands-on learning atmosphere where children and teachers can learn from each other. Kiddie University LLC provides a high-quality early childhood program where the children are active learners in both a structured and unstructured setting. The teachers will develop learning experiences and ask questions that encourage children to think, and problem solve. They will nurture and develop the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual stages of each child. The children are encouraged through every stage of their development to play, question, think for themselves, and verbalize their feelings; foster positive relationships with their peers and teachers, problem solve, explore and through all of this develop a lifelong love of learning.

Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of every child in our care is very important to us. Kiddie University follows all of DSS guidelines for health and safety along with our own policies we put in place. We have a sick policy for both students and staff to help with the spread of germs as well as a clean and sanitized environment.

Kiddie University follows teacher/child ratios that are put in place by DSS as well as practice extra safety precautions and policies such a a verified release of children everyday in our care. We have everything in place to give your child the best care possible without you, the parent having to worry!

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